How To Get Started On YouTube Growth

In 14 months VEED’s YouTube channel went from 0 to 16,800+ subscribers and driving 8% of our site’s traffic. Here’s how.

Alec, VEED’s YouTube expert, made a video every day Monday to Friday for almost a year. He researched what people were searching for, what was already ranking for the topics he found, he made the best video he could about it, and posted it.

  • We had no formal strategy in place or playbook

  • Our current top video was recorded on a basic webcam lol

  • Look at our thumbnails from day 1, nothing too fancy either

It was just Alec back then along with his knowledge, patience, consistency, and whatever gear he had at the time. Alec got it done. He’s direct. No fluffy 10-15 second intros that kill viewer retention.

Of course, in present day we are building a team and thinking more strategically. But sometimes, before we ever begin, we think too much and never start. Research is important. But starting is what helps you gain the platform-specific insights that’ll refine your YouTube game in the future.

Maybe you’ve been mentally sitting on a pile of blog articles you’ve been overthinking how to act on. You hate when people say “just start”. But this is one of those times where that message rings true…

If you want general tips, go read or watch something. But if you want the step-by-step playbook you gotta go get things done and build it yourself.

To be a black belt at anything you must be okay with starting as a white belt. Your best next week, next month, and next year will be increasingly amazing but only if you dare to give it your best with whatever you have and know today so you can build something better tomorrow.

- Diana

P.S. I do want to give you a deeper dive. Comment your YouTube questions with the comment button below. Lets see if I can get Alec (our YouTube expert at VEED), to collab with me on some answers for a future newsletter 🤓

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