5 Video SEO Tutorials To Make Better YouTube Videos

The exact videos and articles I watched to begin forming VEED's keyword research process for video content.

You’re wasting your time if you run a YouTube channel but never read up on video SEO. Today I’m sharing the content I would read and watch if I had to start building our content research process for YouTube from scratch.

Table of Contents

  1. What is video SEO and why does it matter?

  2. Getting Your YouTube Video on Google Video SERPS

  3. The 5 tutorials I suggest for YouTube video optimization

1. What is video SEO and why does it matter?

Video SEO is the process of helping your content rank on search engine results pages. You know how hashtags can help you rank on the Instagram explore page? Optimizing your videos for keyword searches is what will help your video rank on YouTube (and maybe even Google).

For example, here are a few things to work on to make better optimized video content.

  • Keyword Research: find topics people search for and you have a chance to compete with

  • Script or Outline: make sure to naturally plug in your keywords into what you say on camera so your closed captions are SEO-friendly

  • Closed Captions: this is now a best practice for every video we create at VEED. All our featured content has CC to help viewers who need them and because it helps search engines better read and categorize content.

  • Optimized Title, Description and Tags: All these things also help YouTube and Google better sort your content. More on this later.

2. Getting Your YouTube Video on Google Video SERPS

The jackpot is getting a video to rank on both Google and YouTube. At VEED, a handful of some of our most popular videos are responsible for driving around 50% of traffic (coming from YouTube) back to our site. And what those successful videos have in common is we “double dip” by ranking on both Google and YouTube. The way you achieve this is by targeting what’s called a video result keyword. This is when you run a search on Google and you see videos in the search results.

There are two types of video results:

  1. Featured Video Snippet (one big video headlining in the results)

  2. Video Carousel Results (several videos appearing in results)

Video result keywords usually appear under investigative or informative searches. This means the search usually looks like How to Add Subtitles to Video (informative search) or Best Subtitling Tools in 2021 (investigative).

Whenever possible, we go for these.

Two Ways to Find Video Result Keywords:

  • Ahrefs + Google (my preferred method): I use Ahrefs for keyword research and can narrow down results to show me search results that have video results. I then open an incognito browser tab and confirm there are indeed video results.

  • Google (free): if you are running things solo and/or don’t have the budget for Ahref’s, you can run searches until you come across something with video search results.

3. The 5 tutorials I suggest for YouTube Optimization

I learned from two main sources: Backlinko and Ahref’s. I found these two to give away the most well-organized tutorials for free.

  1. Backlinko | How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2021
    This is basically your ultimate guide. I suggest reading a complete guide like this first to build a foundation before diving into the specifics like writing titles or editing a video.

  2. Backlinko | YouTube Marketing Hub (Optimize Your YouTube Videos)
    I was having a hard time finding information for every little aspect of a video from tags to titles. This guide made it stupid simple for me by creating small guides for all the different parts of a YouTube video.

  3. Ahrefs | How to Edit YouTube Videos for High Engagement
    Engagement is a ranking signal. This means, if a video is getting clicks, views, comments, subscribes and shares then it’s keeping people on the platform longer. YouTube will want to bump that video up on search.

  4. Ahrefs | How to Rank YouTube Videos on the First Page of Google
    It’s always good to hear how different people go about this process. So I also read up and watched Ahref’s take on this.

  5. Red Book Productions | Pattern Interrupts in Video Marketing
    This video is underrated. Pattern interrupt is key in keeping people engaged to boost your audience retention. This 3-minute video

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