👏 How to Avoid the Mistake That'll Kill Your Opportunities

I've seen people miss out on jobs before they even apply because they ask for permission and validation. 💔

My DMs and inboxes have messages like...

  • Can you look at my resume and tell me if it looks nice?

  • I don't have experience with (insert skill or tool). Can I still apply?

  • Can you look at my work and tell me if I'm good enough to apply?

By the time they've written the first draft of their cover letter the position is already filled. There's just not enough time and energy in the day to be able to reply to every message like this.

Before things in Venezuela took a turn for the worse, my parents sold everything we had to come to to the US and build a better life for us. Chasing the American dream you could say. 

My dad would always tell me "tumbando puertas" which means "knocking down doors" in Spanish.

Every objection I gave with "yeah but..." he'd reply back with tumbando puertas. We don't have the privilege of waiting for doors of opportunity to open up for us. We gotta create and knock down our own damn door.

and you can too!

  1. You should apply to things even if you don't tick off every box (a great candidate is more than just a strong skillset).

  2. If you don't display confidence in yourself and your application before you even apply what does that say about you being able to confidently and independently make decisions on the job?

  3. You don't have to believe in yourself to start. But you have to WANT to believe in yourself which is different. It means you may be a bit insecure but you're taking the actions of a more confident future version of yourself.

It's cliche but true. Hard work can often beat talent. Go after things even if you aren't the most qualified. You're not a one-dimensional bullet-pointed summary of programs you're proficient in and whatnot. There's more to you. There's your passion, personality, and whatever else makes you you.

I want to see more people applying and voicing how capable they are of kicking ass at a job even if inside they are feeling major butterflies.

You don't need my permission or ANYONE'S permission to dare and take a leap of faith in yourself. You will get rejected so many times even though you take action. But each rejection is one step closer to figuring out how to get your next win!

With that said...

Tumbando puertas.

- Diana

P.S. Let's continue the conversation and reply here to tell me what exciting opportunities you're creating for yourself this year!