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  1. I live and breathe content as Head of Content at VEED - an online video editing startup that recently hit $3M ARR in just a bit over a year. I want to share the highs and lows, the wins and the losses of my personal and professional growth journey with you as transparently as possible.

  2. Social media can be an overwhelming career. We often learn on our own. I give you short, practical, and actionable advice focusing on one strategy or idea at a time to make growth feel more doable and less lonely for you.

  3. Battling depression, anxiety and several instances of burnout has given me a special approach when creating healthier sustainable practices around hitting content goals.

  4. You crave realistic zero-fluff advice so you can grow on and offline because let’s face it - working with content as a whole can feel like a 24/7 job and we still have lives to live outside of the digital space.

  5. You find yourself frustrated from job to job. It’s like nobody “gets it” when it comes to content. But you’re tired of pointing fingers. You want to learn how to have conversations about content that’ll help manage your boss/client’s expectations.

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